In a video released at a PS rally in Aveiro, Olaf Scholz – whose party, the SPD, belongs to the same European political family as the PS, the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) – stressed that he shares “the same conviction” as António Costa.

“We, as social democrats and socialists, have the right answers to the challenges of our times. Progressive responses that put people at the centre of our action,” he stressed.

In the message, Scholz, who was named German chancellor in December, stressed that he put “respect for all” in society “at the heart” of his campaign for the September 2021 legislative elections, which he won with 25.7% of the vote.

“I know that you, as a tireless defender of social justice, led Portugal with a firm hand, with a transparent moral compass, in the face of the challenges of recent years. I have no doubt that this will continue. With you, dear António, Portugal will continue to advance”, he stressed.

Repeating in English the slogan of the socialist campaign - "together we follow and we succeed" - Scholz wished "good luck" to the current prime minister.

Speaking shortly after Scholz’s message was released, António Costa recalled that, when he took office in 2015, he was “one of the few socialists sitting around the table” of the European Council.