I have been Resident in Portugal since 1972, my husband and family are Portuguese. In November 2020 I tried to register for my new Residência card with SEF. I tried many times but every time I pressed register it told me “unable to identify your process based on the supplied data”

I then tried numerous times to telephone SEF. and sent numerous emails to brexit@sef.pt. None of my emails were answered apart from acknowledging receipt. Finally on 23rd December 2020 a phone call was answered and I managed to speak to someone who checked my Residência details and informed me that I did not have to register as I am German. I am not German and never have been! The lady asked me to email copies of my British passport and my Residência which also states that I am British and the problem would be resolved early January 2021.

It was not resolved and I spent many hours phoning SEF. and sending more e mails. Finally on February 12th I received a phone call from SEF. According to their records I have been German since 1996. He apologised for this computer error and said that they would correct it but it might take some time as many of their staff were off work sick with covid.

Over one year later and I am still German!

Barbara Dias, Lagos.