Going to university may be a very overwhelming moment for freshmen and their family members, with students often moving to another city or even country, to further their education.

Finding a university that suits students’ criteria may be hard when unbiased information is hard to find, to combat this Brian Moran has created The Campus Advisor, to fulfil the needs of new students and to make their choice easier.

Unbiased opinions

The Campus Advisor is a website with a similar concept to Trip Advisor but gathers information about universities all over the world. Brian Moran told The Portugal News that the website was created based on his experience as a university student. The founder studied computer science, so he decided to do something himself since there were no “unbiased opinions out there.”

Initially, Brian started to create a website that would only focus on Irish universities, however, the growth of the platform led the founder of The Campus Advisor, to extend the opinions across the world and create “a global university website.”

The target audience for the website is the students, so it would be with to them where Brian Moran would find what the website should focus on. For that effect, Brian surveyed 3,000 students and tried to find out “what aspects of university they found most important to know before they started” their academic life. After the survey, it was concluded that there exist some aspects that concern the students more when it comes to academic life in university. Students pointed out: academic staff, campus facilities, areas of study, administration staff, sports facilities, clubs and social scene, wifi quality in the campus as well as food options, the affordability of the city and student support provided by the university.

When entering the website people may search every university they want. The reviews are added by users, preferably if they studied in the institute they are reviewing. To make a review some questions will be asked, focusing on the aspects mentioned before.

Brian Moran told The Portugal News that the feedback is very positive and even “parents of students started have using the website” so they can help their children in their choice, or even know a little bit more about the place their children is already studying or trying to be accepted.

The Campus Advisor may be found on https://www.thecampusadvisor.com/home and promises to help every student who wants to start a new academic life.


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Bruno G. Santos