João Paulo Rebelo, who was speaking during the launch of two books on ethics in sport, in a presentation that took place at the Sports Medicine Centre in Lisbon, highlighted the work during his mandate, which began in 2016.

The governor said that "the country is, today, sportingly richer" and highlighted the projects developed in the area of school sports and in strengthening the compatibility between the practice of sports and academic activity.

João Paulo Rebelo also stressed the "stability given to the sports federations, to the whole sports movement, to the Portuguese Olympic Committee, always increasing, throughout these years, the funding so that the missions, namely to the Olympic Games, had the result that is known".

On the occasion, he also stressed the growth of the Paralympic movement and highlighted the creation of an entity that is dedicated exclusively to the combat and prevention of violence in sport.

"It is difficult to summarise, but I would say that these were the main reasons with which I end this cycle, regardless of what will start next, with the satisfaction and the awareness that we gave our best and that we contributed to some positive transformation in national sport", he concluded.

The Secretary of State for Youth and Sports was present at the presentation of the books "Pensar à frente: corporeidade, desporto, ética e cidadania - estudos sobre Manuel Sérgio", coordinated by José Eduardo Franco and Miguel Real, and "Uma reformulação da ética e outros escritos", by Manuel Sérgio, published by Afrontamento, books included in the collection "Ethics in Sports".