According to public information released in January on the EMGFA website, on international missions with the commitment of Detached National Forces in 2022, and which were approved by the Superior Council for National Defense, Portugal participates this year in nine NATO missions (Organization of North Atlantic Treaty), seven from the European Union (EU), three from the United Nations (UN) and 11 under bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Compared to 2021, Portugal reduces its contingent by 266 soldiers but participates in three more missions this year.

In total, NATO is the organisation that accounts for the largest number of military personnel involved in all its missions, however, as in 2021, the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), in Bangui, continues to be the one that absorbs the most Portuguese soldiers: a total of 235.

Within the scope of the Atlantic Alliance, Portugal plans to commit this year 776 soldiers, three ships, 47 tactical vehicles and six aircraft.

Currently, according to the official EMGFA website, Portugal participates in 16 active missions abroad, has 426 committed soldiers, 51 means involved and is present in 13 countries.