Specsavers was mentioned. In January 2019, whilst in England, myself and husband decided to go to Specsavers for new glasses - varifocal/reactalight. We both had different opticians doing our eye tests. They did say that they could not guarantee them arriving at the shop before our return date to Portugal, but it was agreed they would hold them until our next visit in the August. We duly went. My husband’s were so bad he had his money returned immediately. Mine were not right, they did another eye test, said my prescription had changed (in 6 months?) and re-ordered with the promise they would be back in time. They were ok. Fast forward to now. Went to Multioptica, excellent service. Collected my glasses and wow!!!!! Everything was so clear and sharp, so obviously my Specsavers glasses had not been correct. Yes, they cost twice what I’d paid at Specsavers. Also, at one point, a lens fell out of my Specsavers glasses, but luckilly I was at home.

When my husband was putting away the guarantee, he checked my two prescriptions. One eye was the same, the other had changed slightly. So no blame can be put on a change of eyesight.

Specsavers? No thank you. MultiOptica? Yes please, whatever the price.

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