Ana Gomes asks the Government to sanction Roman Abramovich and withdraw his Portuguese citizenship.

Ana Gomes published several tweets on the pretext of golden visas granted to Russian citizens in Portugal.

She tweeted: “We wait for @antoniocostapm to publish a list of ALL #VistosGold beneficiaries and resident family members? So that we can be sure that we are not giving national and European protection to more mafiosi, kleptocrats, oligarchs etc? Why does Passos/Portas' immoral policy continue?”

In another recent tweet, the former MEP left an alert about Roman Abramovich, one of the best-known Russian millionaires and who recently obtained Portuguese nationality under the Nationality Law as a Sephardic Jew.

“Roman Abramovich at the top of #RussianOligarchs names targeted by #sanctions. What does the government expect?@antoniocostapm to act, withdraw his citizenship, freeze his assets, ban him from entering the country, etc.????”