Speaking on arrival at NATO headquarters, for a meeting of the Alliance’s heads of diplomacy, extended to Sweden, Finland and the European Union (EU), Santos Silva said he hoped that the allies would once again condemn “this war perpetrated by Russia” , which “unfortunately is still ongoing”, referring then to the most recent developments on the ground, namely the attack on the Ukrainian nuclear power plant of Zaporizhzhia, the largest in Europe.

“Just this morning, a nuclear plant in Ukraine was attacked, with all the disrespect for the minimum rules it represents and also the danger it represents”, he lamented.

The head of Portuguese diplomacy said he hoped that at today’s meeting of the North Atlantic Council there will be a “concert of positions among the 30 allies” and “firmness in the ability of deterrence and defensive posture” of the Alliance, which has already strengthened its eastern flank.

“Of course, we will also take note of the positive, but still very unsatisfactory, result obtained yesterday [Thursday] in direct negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, with the opening of humanitarian corridors, which we hope will come to fruition as soon as possible.” he said, recalling that this war has already caused more than one million refugees.