The coat of arms on the plate combines the arms of Portugal and the United Kingdom surrounded by white and red roses, and Tudor roses.

The launch of the Aliança 650, which is limited to only 195 copies, took place at an event held at the Residence of the British Ambassador in Lisbon, which was attended by Deputy Ambassador Ross Matthews.

For Nuno Barra, manager of Vista Alegre, “tradition is part of our DNA, celebrating these historic moments through our pieces makes us very proud. The artistic work of our manufacture combined with the history that marked this Alliance makes this commemorative plate a unique piece of immeasurable wealth.”

Maria João Rodrigues de Araújo, president of Portugal-UK 650 recalls that “Vista Alegre had already created a piece for the 600th anniversary of the Luso-British Alliance and maintained the tradition by designing a beautiful dish that expresses, through the decorative elements, the alliance of perpetual peace and friendship that 650 years ago was established between both nations.”

Chris Sainty, United Kingdom Ambassador to Portugal said: “It is with great pride that we celebrate the launch of this piece commemorating the 650th anniversary of the bilateral relationship and friendship between the Portuguese and the British. I congratulate Vista Alegre and the Portugal-UK 650 organisation for the initiative that so sublimely immortalises the true essence of this old alliance, which we wish to continue to deepen in the future.”