The latest innovation of the Heineken® brand was officially presented at Garagem Lisboa, at an event that was attended by several guests, including industry personalities, partners, customers, digital ambassadors and associated public figures.

Maria Oliveira, Marketing Director of Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas, described, for all those present, the main characteristics of this innovation and outlined the market expectations for 2022.

Like all beers in the brand's portfolio, Heineken® Silver is brewed with the same naturally sourced ingredients. It has a lower alcohol content (4%) and is made through a production process with storage at a temperature of -1.ºC, while the green label has given rise to a new, fresher, turquoise tone that distinguishes it from an original Heineken®.

Irony in the mix

"In the first phase, we launched Heineken® Silver in the metaverse with irony in the mix, as we believe that the best way to experience a Heineken® is still in the real world. Today, we are present in several markets throughout Europe, toasting to the launch of a new product in the Heineken® family, celebrating the best of both worlds: a virtual beer, which you can also drink”, said Bram Westenbrink, Global Head of the Heineken® brand.

A sentiment shared by Maria Oliveira, who also highlighted the brand's initiative to respond to new market trends: “Heineken® works daily to continue to respond to consumer preferences. This was the inspiration for the launch of Heineken® 0.0, in 2019, as a way of responding to the growing demand for non-alcoholic alternatives, and now with Heineken® Silver, which is profiled as a more subtle and refreshing beer for a new generation of consumers,” she explained.