In a statement, the PJ added that the 40-year-old man of Portuguese nationality is suspected of the practice of bank robberies that took place in the eastern Algarve, one of which took place this month.

“Following communication made by the PSP, it was possible to gather sufficient evidence to attribute to the defendant a robbery and an attempt robbery carried out in the present month of April”, reads the note from the PJ.

The detainee, with a criminal record for the same type of activity, was presented to the competent Judicial Authority in Faro.

On 21 April, an ABANCA bank branch in the centre of Faro was robbed, and the amount taken by the robber, who managed to escape, is unknown.

At the time, a police source told Lusa that the case was being investigated, without providing further clarification.

At the time, a source linked to the banking sector told Lusa that it was an armed robbery and that the man fled in a car, where another person was waiting for him.