The most advanced technology, know-how of 20 years of experience and the wish to provide an intimate dental service were the main ingredients of a new dental clinic by Dr. Ana Pragosa and Dr. Sérgio Sousa that opened in February 2021.

Highly experienced

This couple have worked together for many years, first in Lisbon, where they were also teachers at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, and then in the Algarve, where they have worked for more than 10 years in Alvor. The opening was "a natural growth in our career because we had already worked in big clinics and we have a team that has been with us ever since," said Dr Ana Pragosa.

In this new clinic, they want to bring a proper and personalised service. To offer that human touch, the Vitra Clinic counts on their staff as well as on decoration. The waiting room is different from what we are used to in dental clinics. The space is comfortable with nice sofas and a design that brings us a sense of tranquillity.

Wide-ranging specialties

When it comes to dentistry, technology is growing at a speed that only someone completely dedicated to a specific branch can keep up with. For this reason, the Vitra Clinic has eight doctors who are 100 percent dedicated to their areas.

Furthermore, apart from the branches that Dr Ana Pragosa and Dr Sérgio Sousa are best at, which is implantology and oral rehabilitation, as well as Prosthodontics, they have brought in the best dentists of many different specialties, such as orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral hygiene, and aesthetic dentistry.

Human Touch and Medical Progress go Hand in Hand – implants, aesthetics, clear braces and kids

One of the main highlights is the merge between digital implantology and smile aesthetics and each patient’s individual expectations. “Although we accompany the evolution in CAD-CAM and digital smile design, we still value our patient’s personal expectations. Our smile is our “calling-card” and each of us envision ourselves in a very personal way. The key is to find a common ground, to achieve the best result.”, she said.

In terms of orthodontics, the Vitra Clinic works with high-quality clear braces, such as Invisalign and Spark, that are a discreet orthodontic treatment that works very well for adults who don't usually want the metal look. "Clear braces are more comfortable because they are invisible from a social distance and have no associated pain like metal braces," she said.

Another area in which the Vitra Clinic is very keen is Pediatric Dentistry. "We invest a lot in the kid’s area because from a very early age we can prevent major problems and create oral health habits. In Portugal, children start going to the dentist later, or when they're already in pain”. They want children to get used to the dental chair and, above all, to enjoy it.

For further details or to get an appointment with one of the doctors, please give them a call on +351 282 353 285.