Gunshots echo through the blood-soaked streets. This is war.

The people are lachrymose, robbed off happiness now they're poor.

Fear comes with a nefarious and noxious roar,

Soldiers armed with weapons, fatal bullet that they boar,

Politics, it's always has a terrible flaw.

The president, in a battle of ego, thinks he's the Messiah,

Cruel and harsh he alights the city on fire,

The president cheats; he really is a liar,

What is this war even for?

Children are terrified and are very unsure,

Woe comes with sharpened nails and clutches people's neck in a claw.

Soldiers, their uniforms stiff and starch,

Following orders from the general they start to march,

Rivers of blood drift across the country's shore,

War is deceiving, evil, cruel and more...

Pernicious this foul war truly is!

And children run away in a whizz.

Deeply scared the citizens are,

They don't know if they'll go far.

Strangers voluntarily help; they are life savers.

The strangers help by doing favours,

The country is painted with utter fear,

Rolling down the cheeks of women is a tear.

These people are oppressed.

If they break the rules, they are looking at an arrest.

The sky is filled with amber embers- there is no sun ray,

Even though this is just May.

Do you support this War?

Will the innocent thrive?

And they stay fully alive?

Can you hear that desperate yelp?

Will you go to help?

Thick ash grey smoke with acrid smell,

You can compare this foul are you a situation to hell.

Soldiers hold artillery like knives,

These weapons can snatch away people's lives,

Civilians are at Checkmate,

They know their Fate.

I think war is created by men with a pen...

Spring 2022