According to the Association of Tourism of the Azores (ATA), there will be 10 connections this summer, the result of a work in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, ANA Aeroportos – Vinci Group, NAV Portugal and the Government of the Azores for the “development and consolidation of aerial access to the archipelago, without which the tourist recovery would not be possible for the Azores”.

The aircraft available for the connection will be the Airbus A320-NEO which, with its 180 seats, will be able to transport 1,800 passengers to Ponta Delgada in this seasonal summer operation.

Carlos Morais, president of ATA, quoted in a press release, considers that this is “a great opportunity for the tourism sector in the Azores”.

“The United Kingdom is an important international market for tourists in the Azores and British Airways is one of the most important airlines in the world, with the potential to stimulate new market segments”, he said.