No name has as yet been released but it has been confirmed that a Portuguese citizen will be going to space soon according to Blue Origin.

According to a report by Diário de Notícias, the announcement came at the end of a video shown on the third day of GlexSummit 2022, which this year takes place in the Azores. Organised by the Portuguese from Expanding World and the Explorers Club of New York, this is a scientific conference in which astronauts are usually featured. The news was given by Richard Garriott, president of Explorers and himself a man who in 2008 spent 12 days on the International Space Station, travelling as one of the first private astronauts (his father was a NASA astronaut, with two space trips).

"It's an announcement that fills us with great satisfaction because in the third year Glex is already one of the main meetings of the aerospace industry. And having a player of this nature choose Glex for this announcement of a Portuguese astronaut obviously fills me with great satisfaction, as did NASA's announcement of its next mission to Venus, as did the announcement by one of the biggest players in space stations, Axiom, having also come here to present its future capsules at International Space Station", said Manuel Vaz of Expanding World.

So far, only two Portuguese speakers have gone to space: the Brazilian Marco Pontes, who in 2006, at the service of NASA, spent ten days on the International Space Station. After that, he became Minister of Science of Brazil. And with Blue Origin Victor Hespanha, also Brazilian.