From celebrities to unknown weekend amateurs, chefs around the world are cooking with wood-fire. It is a hot thing to do in the post-Covid era.

And from Ponte de Lima, the oldest village in Portugal, thousands of wood-fired ovens and grills are being exported to all parts of Europe and the USA. But how did it all start?

Roll back to 2015. As two brothers-in-law were cooking with a small portable fire oven and family and friends were enjoying the food and each other’s company, stories started to flow…

Well that oven brought people together and allowed for more than sharing food – they were sharing their lives. So the idea came up to take that experience to everyone, getting people to enjoy outdoor cooking and savour delicious healthy food together. Whilst sharing stories.

From the first model designed in 2016, products were created, many discarded, the best ones improved.

Roll forward to 2022: a line of heirloom quality products with three ovens and two grills marketed under the CookOut by Carawela brand. Synonymous with passion for wood-fired cooking, these are products proudly and skilfully made in the north of Portugal. Using only premium materials. With ovens and grills to fit different needs. And built to last.
If you are looking for a portable oven, Pronto is a beautifully designed popular unit, easy to use in preparing tasty pizzas and also able to make bread and meats. The insulated cooking chamber allows the inside temperature to rise fast and the refractory floor keeps it hot.
Premium 60 is a more robust model, great for slow cooking since it will retain heat for many hours. And the Premium 90 oven is the way to go for more professional use and to cater for large groups.
How about grilling for a change? The high temperatures allow meats and vegetables to be cooked much faster, retaining flavours and juices and retaining more vitamins and minerals. CookOut by Carawela brings you the elegant and portable Grill 9 with detachable legs. And if you really want to go big the very imposing Grill 12 is there waiting.
Slow down, enjoy cooking outdoors, healthy food and share it with family and friends.
The staff at BBQ’s Algarve will show you the CookOut line and help you make the best choice. Start your outdoor cooking journey with a visit to their showroom!

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