In an alternative experience within the action sports market, FUEL TV, the acknowledged Global Home of Action Sports, has recently joined forces with JANGA, the highly original apparel and wetsuits brand, for a limited line of merchandise clothing, showcasing the creative energy and innovation that distinguish both love brands.

As a media platform with worldwide reach, FUEL TV found in JANGA the perfect partnership for this venture. Since its inception JANGA has distinguished itseld through inspired designs and a full commitment to product quality, two elements greatly cherished by FUEL TV. The fact that both brands operate with international strategies, alongside the shared emphasis put on creativity, originality, and excellence, also contributed for the announced partnership.

The initial JANGA FUEL TV merchandising line includes t-shirts, caps and hoodies, all developed within a straight collaboration between the two brands creative departments and will be soon available to the public on the JANGA website.

FUEL TV’s CEO, Fernando Figueiredo, couldn’t be happier with the affiliation: “The fact that both companies are creative driven is very gratifying”, he stated, “but I actually think that, when it comes to business, the drive to achieve the highest levels of quality and originality is what really matters, and this is something shared and cherished by both JANGA and FUEL TV”, added Fernando, before noting that “JANGA has always been ahead of everybody else when it comes to the uniqueness of their product, and that’s a philosophy that speaks directly to the core of FUEL TV and its global audience.”

As for Nuno Azul, the ingenious spark behind JANGA, the convergence around this product line makes perfect sense. “As a surfer, I’ve grown up watching FUEL TV and its incredible shows, portraying action sports under its many facets”, he said. “The professional and the rebellious, the competitive sport and the lifestyle, the athletic and the artistic, all combine to the thrill of action sports. It’s a very exciting world within an everchanging environment, and both JANGA and FUEL TV have captured the spirit and portraying it in their respective line of work, so it’s very satisfying that we’re now officially partners in crime”, joked Nuno.


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JANGA* comes from the place where righthanders are long and perfect. We are alternative and concrete people who have a Manifest made from those who always look forward without facilitating. We provide a voice to those who break from vulgarity and don’t align in the global chain of anonymous politics and formatted markets. We care about surfing. We love bodyboarding and we dig skimboarding. Actually, we love everything that leaves you stoked.

Our clothing lives. We make awesome wetsuits. JANGA gathers people together and loves artistic movements. JANGA creates and JANGA is independent. Come join us. This is just the beginning. kidnap yourself. be authentic. Nature will take of the rest.