Based on the world’s most spoken and fastest-growing languages, language learning app Preply’s cultural hotspots study reveals where you can find the largest diasporas per language (culture), thus posing the best environment to learn and retain a language.

The research (normalised per capita) which factors in the number of speakers per language, number of native amenities, number of language learning institutions and their average rating, also reveals that Cambridge is the UK’s top overall hotspot for language diasporas.

The university city is the UK location with the second-most Portuguese speakers and the fourth best choice of native Portuguese amenities (per capita). In addition to its good ranking for Portuguese speakers and amenities, Cambridge’s choice of highly rated language learning facilities positions the city as the best for learning Portuguese

Ipswich, Oxford, Reading, Manchester and Nottingham make up the remaining top five best locations for learning Portuguese in the UK

“Multicultural ‘hubs’ can be a great place to enrich language learning and cultural education, with the bonus of becoming part of a new community. For those seeking a community and environment that feels more familiar with or exploring a new culture/language, this study can help put new language skills to good use,” states Preply.