The event was held in Guilford and Godalming Croquet Club in United Kingdom.

In a very tough conditions and against very experienced opponents, Portugal held its own and won silver medals for the 2nd place overall.

Our team performance was unprecedented, everybody enjoyed it thoroughly and lot of new friendships have been made. The local croquet club team did organize the event very professionally, the food prepared by local players was top quality and playing on 4 lawns allowed teams to follow their playing schedule without any delays.

The winners - Mexico - being very balanced team including professional croquet coach Brian Lozano, were never in doubt and took the event by storm. Mexicans showed better jumping skills, more aggressive style and hard hitting which took preference on tricky lawns due to lack of water during the ongoing heat wave. The event was organized by brilliant tournament director Mike Huxley and accompanied by Ian Burridge and Debbie Lines from the World Croquet Federation. Part of the event was a special coaching from the world champion Stephen Mulliner. Stephen also mentioned that he is planning to come for one of the upcoming Portuguese tournaments in October.

After the event, Portugal team took place in the Referee Course organized by the Croquet Federation and succeeded. The championship ended by the official dinner at the local restaurant which underlined a wonderful times everybody had during these four days.