When I feel like writing a poem I just sit down and write a poem.

I don’t think about the poem except when I’m writing it.

After the poem is done I think a lot about the poem.

I never read my own poetry until after I’m done thinking about my own poetry. Then I read my own poetry.

When I sit down to write a poem I like to stand up!

Standing up is the best way to sit down and write a poem.

I have to write poems. If I don’t write poems I do other things like I go swimming. I’ll go swimming for a long time. I’ll do that every day.

I love swimming. I think I love it more than poetry.

When I’m done writing a poem I send it to a newspaper. I send it to a newspaper right after I’m done with it. I usually never finish my poems. I have written very few of them. The ones I do write I find are not very good and I don’t have the courage to send them to newspapers.

When a poem gets published I make sure to understand what it has done. I doubt poetry has ever really done much of anything,

but it’s important to know how little a poem has done because then you realise how little there is to do about that.