Coimbra City Race is an Orienteering event, organised by Associação Desportiva do Mondego, in partnership with Coimbra City Council. Entries can be made until 12 September and the organisation's objective is to reach the mark of 200 participants, as revealed by the president of the Associação Desportiva do Mondego, Susana Reis.

This year, the Portugal City Race circuit includes 16 stages, with Coimbra hosting the 11th stage, which has, so far, entries from “three nationalities”.

Athletes will have control points in various areas of the city, including Penedo da Saudade, Almedina, Quebra Costas and Sé Velha. Nine different routes were designed for the event, and “three of these levels are open to anyone who wants to sign up, whether they know the sport or not, between the ages of 8 and 80”.

Using a compass, a chip and a map, the athletes cover routes that can range from two to nine kilometres, with routes with 29 control points, in strategic places.