The Executive President of CTT says that it is still not possible to know for sure how much mail prices will increase in 2023, after applying the formula that was agreed in the new concession contract. Even so, João Bento estimates that the increase will be higher than the 6.8% that was applied to this year's prices, although he points out that the impact of mail on the family budget is around three euros per year, being, therefore, “negligible".

On the sidelines of an event promoted jointly with Banco de Portugal, the manager said that the new formula, agreed with Anacom and the Directorate-General for Consumers, “is quite similar” to the one that came to dictate the increase of 6.8 % in 2022. The formula includes variables such as the “average rate of change in the last 12 months” of inflation, published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), and the drop in mail traffic in the previous year, as well as a fixed indicator that corresponds to the weight of variable costs (16%), an efficiency factor and a factor to be applied in the case of “significant changes in context”.