The escape attempt took place at 7.45pm on Wednesday, on the A2 near the Palmela exit. The detainee - suspected of fatally stabbing his ex-partner in the early hours of Wednesday - was in the PJ car, in traffic, travelling towards the Lisbon Judiciary, when he managed to open the door and jump out.

The suspect ended up being seriously injured and unable to escape, and was transported to Garcia de Orta Hospital. After receiving treatment, he will be brought to court to apply coercive measures.

The murder of the 34-year-old woman, of Brazilian nationality, took place in the early hours of Wednesday in the house where she lived with her four children, at Quinta do Recoveiro, in Mem Martins, Sintra.

Armed with a knife, he stabbed the woman in the head and chest which led to her immediate death. The victim's 14-year-old daughter tried to stop the murderer, but was also stabbed. When the firefighters arrived, the child was in cardiac arrest in a room in the house. She was transported to Hospital Santa Maria where she remains in a critical condition.