“We, at this moment, here in Madeira, want to keep the golden visas for high-income residents because it is going very well”, said Miguel Albuquerque (PSD), questioned by journalists after the Prime Minister, António Costa, announced the possibility of ending the measure.

Miguel Albuquerque said that the country's situation "is not uniform", so the possibility of ending the golden visas "depends on the circumstances".

“If we are talking about Lisbon or Porto, where there is in fact, at the moment, it seems, a depletion of the real estate supply capacity, it is one thing, when we are talking about the interior of the country it is another thing and when we are talking about the regions it is another circumstance”, he maintained.

The head of the island executive defended that “just look at the parishes and municipalities in the south of Madeira, where attracting high-yield foreign investment through golden visas has been very beneficial for the effects of employability and local economies”.