The same is true for people aged 40 or over who were vaccinated with Janssen's drug 90 days or more ago.

People who have not had Covid-19 in the last 150 days and have completed the vaccination schedule for at least 150 days are currently eligible for the booster dose in the Open House regime, according to the health authorities.

This modality is still available, with regard to Covid-19, for primary vaccination (taking the first two doses of any vaccine, with the exception of the single-dose Janssen vaccine) for users aged 12 years or over; booster vaccination (common 'third dose') for users aged 18 to 59 years; and seasonal booster vaccination ('fourth dose') for priority professional groups (namely, health services, firefighters involved in transporting patients, prison professionals, among others).

These individuals can therefore go directly to the vaccination centre or health centre to receive the vaccine.