In a parliamentary hearing on the alleged involvement of PSP and GNR members in practices that violate the rule of law, namely in the dissemination of racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and hateful messages, José Luís Carneiro gave an account of the "rigor in the performance of the command of the GNR and the direction of the PSP to monitor attitudes and behaviours that are harmful to the fundamental values of the rule of law”.

“Between 2019 and November 2022, 107 officers of the PSP and GNR were dismissed, compulsorily retired, and separated from service. Among these, 36 were dismissed, compulsorily retired, and separated from service between May and November of this year”, explained the minister at the hearing requested by the PCP, BE, PAN and Livre.

José Luís Carneiro assured deputies that "the General Inspection of Internal Administration (IGAI), the command of the GNR, and the direction of the PSP have been carrying out systematic, serious and rigorous work to improve recruitment, training, information, awareness, monitoring and sanctioning, to prevent individual attitudes and behaviour that violate the values of the democratic rule of law”.

The hearing of the minister comes after a report by a Portuguese consortium of investigative journalism, which includes journalists, lawyers, and academics, reported that allegedly almost 600 members of the PSP and GNR, most of them active, use social networks to violate the law by writing racist and hateful messages.

After the publication, the Government announced that the IGAI would open an inquiry into this case of publications on social networks, by agents of the security forces, who allegedly incite hatred and violence.

The Attorney General's Office has also announced that it has opened an inquiry into these publications.