Finding a house to buy or rent in Portugal is not always an easy task, depending on where you are in the country. Data released by Pordata, based on the 2021 Census, reveal that there are 348,097 vacant houses for rent or sale in the country, but where are these properties located?

According to a report by idealista/news, Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, Loulé, and Vila Nova de Gaia are the five Portuguese municipalities that have the most homes available for rent or sale. In Lisbon, for example, there are 21,749 vacant houses for sale or lease. In Porto, there are 9,610 homes, while in Sintra there are 6,866 houses available for sale or rent, and in Loulé 6,239. Vila Nova de Gaia, which appears in fifth position, has 6,093 available homes.

Pordata data show, moreover, that the Lisbon metropolitan area concentrates the largest share of supply, with 70,048 vacant homes. In the Porto metropolitan area, there are more than 37,000. In the Algarve, in turn, there are 31,304 vacant properties.

And which are the Portuguese municipalities with the fewest vacant houses? According to Pordata, Mourão has only 90 houses available. Laje das Flores also appears at the bottom of the table, with 84 properties. In Mondim de Basto there are 78 houses, Freixo de Espada à Cinta has 73, and in Corvo there are only 33 vacant houses for sale or lease.