Beautifying the garden with native plants promotes soil protection and ensures the healthy growth of species, which will remain in their natural habitat.

In our country, we can find several species, which maybe you have occasionally come across.

Portuguese Lavender (Lavandula latifolia)

Known for its beauty and purple colour, this plant manages to bring a fancy touch wherever it reaches. Used in perfumes, and other cosmetics, but also as a medicinal ally, through its oil, for example. The oil extracted from the plant helps reduce anxiety and is a major enemy of insomnia.

Armeria (Armeria maritima)

Armeria is known to grow in coastal areas, and it grows in areas where soils are usually sandy. The plant bears long-lasting pink, white or lilac flowers that will add a touch of colour to any garden. The plant can grow easily, in any situation, whether in a pot, flowerpot or garden.

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Rosewood (Cistus salviifolius)

Estevinha has Mediterranean origins and in Portugal, it grows all over the country, except in the highlands of the Centre and North of the country. It is a creeping plant with white colouring, often used to combat soil erosion. Despite preferring places with plenty of sunlight, Estevinha can withstand temperatures of minus 12 degrees.

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Santolina (Santolina rosmanirifolia)

For those who forget to water the plants regularly, Santolina is an option to consider, as it withstands long periods of drought. It adapts to any type of soil and weather conditions. It is composed of green foliage and in summer yellow flowers sprout, often used in public gardens, for example.

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