“The distinction reinforces the positioning of Madeira as a tourist destination with a focus on sustainable development”, said the Madeiran secretary Eduardo Jesus.

The official highlighted that this certification by a world entity “comes to recognizse and validate all the work developed by the destination over the last decades in the defense of a more sustainable territory at an environmental, cultural, social and economic level, communicating security, trust, and a serious and transparent commitment to sustainability”.

According to the official, it is “of the utmost importance for the region to receive this certification”, because “it responds to the concerns of consumers” and “it will have effects not only for those who visit, but also for those who live in Madeira”.

“Sustainability is an obligation that gains more value due to the ability to anticipate practices that can distinguish us from other destinations”, he underlined.

This recognition, he stressed, gives “greater credibility to the destination”, expanding access to tourist markets that value sustainability.

“It is a relevant step in affirming Madeira as a ‘must-visit’ at a global level, based on the sustainable development of the territory and the involvement of the entire local community”, he emphasized.

The certification process was developed by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture of Madeira, through the Directorate of Tourism, and started at the end of July 2021.

The region obtained “the first level of the Silver seal”.

Within five years, Madeira could receive a higher level of EarthCheck certification: Gold.

“To do so, it needs to continue with its sustainable journey, privileging the preservation of its natural resources, involving the entire local community, complying with the measures it has undertaken in the 2022 to 2030 Action Plan, and implementing new actions that can make Madeira a destination even more sustainable”, he concluded.