The Portuguese Air Force has announced that it will carry out the multinational and multidisciplinary exercise Real Thaw 2023 (RT23), between February 27th and March 10th, at Air Base No. 11, in Beja.

According to NM, military forces from Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, United States, Netherlands, Poland, NATO forces and also Navy and Army forces will participate in this year's exercise, according to a statement.

The Air Force explains that the RT23 makes it possible to "evaluate and certify the operational capabilities" of the Air Force, Navy, Army, and participating countries, "preparing them to act in joint and combined operations, enhancing interoperability among all, namely to guarantee the preparation of Deployed National Forces at the service of the UN and NATO".

"RT23 offers participants a unique opportunity to plan and execute missions, with the aim of integrating and synchronising different domains", it reads.

The missions will take place "in specific locations having been planned in order to have the minimum impact on the environment and the population".