Pedro Silva received the award for the 10 years of MiratecArts, as one of the top collaborators with the cultural association, based on the island of Pico. The award attributed a trip to one of the most desired places in the world on the photographer's list, New York. Terry Costa, artistic director of MiratecArts, planned that the trip would coincide with a public presentation of his work and that's how the idea of showing photography from the Azores in the most visited place in North America came up. "Times Square never sleeps", admits Terry Costa, "that's why we planned a guerrilla intervention, in which visitors are part of the installation, in addition to a special moment with the photographer and his works." In a performance art style, the photographs, presented here in flag format, were displayed with wooden pegs, as if on a clothesline, still very much seen in the Azores islands.

"Unforgettable - a unique opportunity," says the photographer of the experience. "This city is coveted by all photographers for its diversity allowing different photographs, and I'm taking advantage of that on my first visit to New York." Pedro Silva's photos have been published in books, and magazines, including National Geographic and Forbes, and featured in exhibitions. Photography awards include Quercus, Huawei, Azores Natural Parks and Montanha Pico Festival. With MiratecArts he participated in festivals, expeditions and exhibitions that have already taken him to several islands in the Azores, Canada, and the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, where he brought Portugal the third place for best body painting photography.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Pedro Silva ;

Pedro Silva is part of the MiratecArts network of collaborating artists, open to all artistic talents from the islands who register at and participate by making proposals to the cultural organization. MiratecArts' international program has the support of the Regional Directorate of Tourism, Government of the Azores, and after the events in Canada and the USA, it continues to Europe with participation in the Lisbon Tourism Exchange and in the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy.