Some 100 souls attended the evening event, supplemented by contribution from local artists and others for an auction of their articles. Raffle tickets were sold, including a contribution for a two-night stay at the Holiday Inn by the beach. Furthermore, Holiday Inn subsidised the food to allow a contribution to go towards the event out of the cost of the ticket itself.

The funds raised shall contribute to more refurbished ambulances being sent to the war front for Ukraine. Roman of ORANTA is in touch with the Ukraine’s Special Forces who have requested a dire need for more ambulances, (Vans, Cars with 4 x 4 ability) to help with evacuating wounded men from the front lines.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: ORANTA;

Roman’s group have already refurbished and sent 4-5 such vehicles and this event will contribute to another one or two. Roman found an old ambulance in a scrap yard to salvage and recently Roman found and negotiated with a Spanish owner to convert a second hand 4x4 which will take him 10 days to transform, repair then have it driven to the polish border. TAP have joined in and will pay for the drivers return flight! IF anyone knows of such old vehicles please contact Roman at www.ORANTA.PT. As a registered charity NIF 517088118 expenses incurred, can be offset against taxes.

The Poor Man’s Band who play for free, played some truly great music as their contribution, to this successful event with people on the dance floor till 11 pmish. The Poor Man’s band is available to play for free at events, all they ask is that a reasonable amount is donated to a charity for their performance to take place.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: ORANTA;

As Angela stated in her thank you: “Thank you one and all for helping make our Carnival Party at the Holiday Inn such a success. The “Poor Man´s Band” entertaining us fabulously, the hotel providing such an exceptional venue and food, we hope you enjoyed yourselves. For those people who couldn´t attend but generously donated - a special thank you.”

“At the start last year we had a goal of 5000 euros to contribute in some way to the Ukraine. The lunch at the Piano Garden restaurant Ferragudo which was well attended in March raised 3.500 euros.

Since the lunch, we have made friends with Roman who most of you saw at the hotel. His charity has proven to be focused, well organised, resulting in excellent results delivering much needed transport to injured soldiers on the front line. One year after the invasion, we are proud to help him with this. Our total from the lunch, party, auctions, raffles and donations is just over 10.600 euros !!!!!

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: ORANTA;

"We will continue with fund raising initiatives on a smaller scale, every little euro does help. Thank you so much. We are thrilled with the response.”

Another event is being planned by Angela, details are being worked out to coincide with an event sponsored by Lagos Camara, lasting four days joined by the local Ukrainian community to hold a second festival during the weekend of June 29th - 2nd July.

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