REHC methodology reached the Algarve in the hands of Margarida Monteiro, a specialist in Emotional Intelligence and founder of this innovative method, for all of those seeking a better quality of life and longevity.

Margarida has worked in the field for more than 12 years and has her own practice in Porto but has decided to come to Algarve. Here in the south she found an optimal climate and geographical conditions for health “from Algarve to the World”.

REHC is a methodology based in emotional intelligence with the aim to treat any source of pain, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. It combines different integrative medicine techniques, through reprogramming cells and central nervous system reorganisation, so that the past becomes a tool to enhance the present and the future. Many times, we carry traumatic memories from our childhood that stop us from achieving our goals and dreams, sometimes we are not even aware they are there. We start collecting and registering informational from our mother’s womb, recording it in our body cells. Through REHC we can access that information and remove the pain and trauma associated to the events that may be interfering with your life.

REHC’s treatments are divided in two different areas, health and well-being programmes where we address physical and emotional stress, fears and phobias, anxiety, burnout syndrome and grief. Development of personal and professional programmes and high-performance sport (golf, tennis, horse riding, etc). REHC’s procedure starts with a first diagnosis consultation where the main problem is diagnosed and from then onwards the client decides whether they want to continue to do the plan. REHC’s main goal is for clients to reach the best version of themselves, confident and stable, sure of the path they want to take in their lives and above all, to feel happy and free.

For further information, please call +351 927 985 125, email or visit , Almancil – Algarve