When she grew up, her master was so much taken with her prudence and virtue that he placed her in charge of his household. The renown of her virtues spread through all of France, and King Clovis II. took her for his wife. She didn’t become self-important indeed she seemed to become even more humble than before. Her new station gave her the means of being truly a mother to the poor; the king gave her the sanction of his royal authority for the protection of the Church and the care of the poor.

The death of her husband left her regent of the kingdom. She at once forbade the enslavement of Christians, did all in her power to promote piety, and filled France with hospitals and religious houses. As soon as her son Clotaire was of an age to govern, she withdrew from the world and entered the convent of Chelles.

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Here she seemed entirely to forget her worldly dignity, and was to be distinguished from the rest of the community only by her extreme humility, her obedience to her spiritual superiors, and her devotion to the sick, whom she comforted and served with wonderful charity. As she became older she succumbed to illness and died on the 30th January 680 AD

She is, the Patron Saint of orphans, abandoned children, widows and the infirm.