Registration is now open and the inaugural tournament is scheduled for April 15, at the Indoor Padel Center, in Carnaxide, Oeiras.

The Carlsberg 24 Hours Padel Cup will pass through clubs in Lisbon, Porto, Portimão, Braga, Loures and Guimarães to promote the gaming experience for 24 uninterrupted hours among participants. Entries can be made in different categories, namely 3, 4 and 5, for women, men and mixed, and all participants will be given a welcome kit, with prizes available for the best pairs.

“This new competition stands out for its innovation, being the first to take place for 24 hours, in various clubs from north to south of the country, promising the best socialising and consumption experiences, where socialising is part of the game”, says Super Bock Group's Director of Marketing Beers and Sponsorships, Bruno Albuquerque.

Registration and more information is available at:

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List of clubs that will host the Carlsberg 24 Horas Padel Cup:

̶ Indoor Padel Center (Carnaxide) | April 15th

̶ Quinta de Monserrate (Porto) | May 13th

̶ W Country Padel Club (Lisbon) | June 24th

̶ Tennis Club of Portimão and Rocha (Portimão) | July 29

̶ Top Padel Porto (Porto) | September 16

̶ Top Padel – Braga (Braga) | October 14

̶ Lx Indoor Padel (Loures) | November 18th

̶ Feel Padel Pevidem (Guimarães) | December 8th