Some say that living in another country gives a new sense of freedom and stories to tell for the rest of our lives.

Undoubtedly yes, even more when we decide to move to a destination like the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, which has a mild climate all year round with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine, 200 kilometers of coastline, mountains, cliffs, sea caves, extensive beaches, warm and calm sea and very welcoming people.

Living in the Algarve is living in what is Europe's most famous secret. In the best beach destination in the world (according to the World Travel Awards 2020 and 2021), with natural parks and protected areas, a diverse range of accommodation, transport, entertainment and events, not forgetting the 40 golf courses considered among the best worldwide (International Association of Golf Tour Operators 2020). In addition, if we think about outdoor activities, we can be sure that we can do them throughout the year, namely walking routes, bike rides, horse riding or even bird watching.

Feeling safe

Here, locals and tourists feel safe, as they’re living in the 4th safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index, located in a central point of the world's main air routes, with international airports from north to south and with regular connections to the main cities in Europe.

The history and traditions, the arts and crafts of several generations, as well as the gastronomy, based essentially on the Mediterranean Diet and already considered by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, are also part of the countless reasons that lead the Algarve to be the perfect option to live in.

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All this in a destination that welcomes a population of 467,000 inhabitants, of which 22.5 percent are foreigners, showing how other nationalities are so well received and integrated in this region that has Tourism, Commerce and Services as the sector that generates most employment, namely in areas as Food & Beverage (36 percent), Accommodation (33 percent) and Maintenance (8 percent).

According to 2022 data from the National Tourism Register, more than 40,000 tourism companies are based in the Algarve. Of these, 601 are travel agencies, 1,197 touristic activities and entertainment companies and 39.008 hotels and local accommodation. Clearly, a competitive destination, recognized for the quality of its offer, based on sustainable development, guided by good practices in labor relations, with 97 percent of contracts being full-time and 47 percent permanent.

Health care

The healthcare response capacity has also been growing in the Algarve region, through Hospitals, Health Centers and National Health Service Units, as well as private clinics or health institutions. In this context, the hospital’s network has been working with the main international insurance companies for a long time and has implemented personalized patient care and follow-up services, with English as a base language, thus achieving an increasingly faster and more effective response to foreign citizens, with or without a residence permit.

Additionally, there are clear and transparent tax rules in Portugal that make it easier to get a residence permit and, also, a special regime for non-usual residents that assigns very favorable tax rates to foreign investors, considering that real estate developments are known for good planning and quality.

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The attractiveness and competitiveness of the Algarve are further complemented by the fact that the southernmost region of Portugal is increasingly smarter and connected, greener, and closer to the people. This is a reality that is embodied in the Algarve Smart Destination, a program that involves tourism agents from across the region.

The Algarve is an inclusive destination that manages a smart, intelligent, and balanced use of its resources. But, as experiences are mostly to be lived and shared, there is nothing better than visiting the Algarve and unveiling all its secrets for yourself.

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by João Fernandes - Algarve Tourism President