In a statement, the Companhia de Teatro de Braga (CTB), responsible for the organisation, says that MIT23 “will be another time of solidarity with Ukrainian artists” and with Theatre of Kershon, “which is fighting for its reopening”.

In the show, more than 50 artists from seven countries, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Italy, Ukraine, and Portugal, will participate in a total of eight creations and 15 shows. Performances will be spread across Theatro Circo, in Braga, Teatro Gil Vicente, in Barcelos, and Quinta da Caverneira, in Maia.

One of the shows will be staged by Ukrainian artists who are refugees in Portugal, under the Project Palco – Uma Casa do Mundo, under the responsibility of CTB, in partnership with the Union of Theater Artists of Ukraine.

All shows, except for one in Italian, will be subtitled in Portuguese.