The rules now also encompass people who are moving back to Portugal to start a business, and more priority is given to those who want to move to the interior regions. According to a report in Diário de Notícias, “the emigrants and their families who find themselves unemployed in the time before presenting their candidacy” as well as holders of a study grant will also be covered by the program.

The goal of this program is to incentivise qualified workers to return to the country, with a special focus on young people. The reward for those returning with indefinite contracts or who will be starting their own business is 7x the value of the Social Support Index, that being 3363.01€. For those returning with a set term contract of over 12 months, the reward will be 5x the value of the index, or 2402.15€.

To wrap the ribbon on this, the Ministry of Work, Solidarity and Social Security has established an additional compensation for travel costs of the worker and their family members, with a maximum limit of 3x the index, or 1441.29€, as well as an equally sized grant for moving goods. All these subsidies will be paid for by the IEFP.