The guide includes guidelines for defining surf practice corridors and their correct use. Those who read the guide will also be able to understand the issues of licensing space in bathing areas, with or without concessions, as well as understand the method of requesting this licensing.

In a press release, provided by the Association of Surf Schools of Portugal (AESP), cited by Publituris, it is explained that the guide appears “after numerous meetings between Turismo de Portugal, the Association of Surf Schools of Portugal, the APECATE”, as well as other entities, which discussed the drafting of the document for three years.

In the press release, AESP indicates that the group's objectives include writing a guidance document, which could be used by municipalities and captaincies, to solve some operators' needs, while guaranteeing the safety of all who visit Portuguese beaches.

The executive director of AESP, Afonso Teixeira, quoted in the press release, underlines the importance of the document, as no legislation in Portugal regulates the practice of surfing on Portuguese beaches.

Afonso Teixeira says that since there is no legislation for the practice of surfing, “it is essential that there be some uniformity in terms of requirements, rules and licensing procedures between all municipalities and captaincies.”

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