With recent controversy over schemes to encourage immigrants to move to Portugal, as well as the cost-of-living crisis the country is currently experiencing, there have been fears that this impact has been negative.

However, according to Ana Mendes Godinho, Portugal’s Minister of Labour, considers digital nomads to be fundamental, emphasizing the significant role they play in the country’s development. At the same time, there has been much speculation in recent weeks that the end of the Golden Visa programme would also trigger an end to the Digital Nomad visa, and other similar schemes.

Digital Nomad Visa More Popular Than Ever

The latest data indicates that the opposite is happening. Recent months have seen a marked increase in interest in Portugal’s Digital Nomad visa, and for good reason. The visa scheme allows residents of other countries to take advantage of the stunning scenery and warm climate in Portugal, provided they have a verified source of remote income.

Some figures indicate that 200 or more digital nomad visas were issued in the space of just two and a half months. Residents of Germany and the Netherlands seem to be particularly fond of Lagos, while denizens of the United Kingdom, United States, and Brazil can be seen to benefit the most from the Golden Visa programme.

Freelancers and remote workers have been flocking to Portugal to escape colder weather and less appealing shores, or simply to gain a new experience and the perspective of another culture.

What’s The Appeal?

The Digital Nomad visa is a very appealing prospect for many remote workers and entrepreneurs who aren’t required to be in a specific location to do their job. With two options available - a one year stay, or a five-year residency permit with the option to renew - Portugal has become an easy option. With a thriving community of digital nomads already in the country, it’s also a comforting prospect, particularly for those who are experimenting with living in another country for the first time.

There are a high number of expats in Portugal, in addition to those living in the country as remote workers, making it very easy for new nomads to settle in and meet like-minded individuals as well as residents.

Now’s The Time To Plan

If you’re considering experimenting with the digital nomad lifestyle and Portugal is top of your list, you’re not alone. With May upon us, the peak tourist season is about to begin. This is usually the time the digital nomad community vacates the country if they’re not in permanent residence. Accommodations during this time are expensive, and other countries popular with those enjoying the nomadic lifestyle (such as Croatia, Spain, and Latvia) offer cheaper alternatives.

It is during the off-peak season that Portugal becomes a mecca for the modern remote worker. Mid-September to the end of May is the ideal time to be living and working remotely in the country, giving you access to all the beauty of Portuguese culture, at considerably less expense.

Now is the time to start planning if you’re thinking of making a move to Portugal this year. If you need help or advice about managing your finances as a digital nomad, or juggling cross-border regulations while you’re here, get in touch with our Lisbon office on +351 21 464 8220.