If humans take measures to protect themselves from heat, those who have pets must also take into consideration that animals must be protected as well.

Both wild and domesticated animals may suffer from stress or even diseases related to exposure to high temperatures. Owners may take measures to protect their furry best friends, to provide the animals with the best conditions to support the hot weather.

Shade and shelter

In case of the pets that prefer to stay outside, it is important to protect them from the sun, especially. Providing shelter, with proper shade, not only by the typical dogs’ houses, for example, but also by providing sun umbrellas so the animal can spend their time away from sunlight. However, if possible, letting the animals be inside the house may be a good option, as, usually, houses are prepared to support high temperatures, while keeping the environment cooler.

Keep them hydrated

Water is a mandatory supply for every being. During summer, doctors advise people to drink water, and the same happens with pets. During the hot weather, the water provided to animals may heat more than once a day, so it is important to regularly check the temperature of the water and refill the containers. Owners may also add some ice cubes to the container, so it may be kept fresher for a longer time.

Beware of hot surfaces

Dogs, in particular, need to exercise, however, it is important to protect their paws from hot surfaces, such as asphalt or metal surfaces, that may burn animals' paw pads. To avoid that, owners may buy protective footwear for their pets, or stroll with them on grassy areas, which are normally cooler.

Also, to prevent complicated situations, the level of activity must be adjusted according to the weather, like preferring to go outside during the afternoon, or in the morning, when the temperatures are lower.

Keeping them cold

Humans take showers or go to the beach to keep their skin cold, the same can be done for pets. Dogs may also like to swim in pools, but the same cannot be said about cats. To keep these animals fresh, there is nothing better than wet towels for the cats' fur. They might run away from the owner, but it pleases them a lot after feeling their hair humid.

During hot weather, owners must pay attention to every sign, such as rapid breathing, or even drooling, and in some cases excessive licking. It is important to protect our pets from heat, and to safeguard our best friends.


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