Although information about plans for Monarch Airlines are still scarce, Daniel Ellingham was recently appointed president of the airline and gave an interview to Timeout, in which he said he was honoured to be chosen to lead the return of Monarch, 55 years after its founding.

“It is immensely gratifying to know that, soon, we will launch a new and solid company for the UK tourism sector”, added the official, revealing that, in this new life, Monarch Airlines intends to provide a Premium service, which differentiates itself from British low-cost airlines.

“There are numerous opportunities that have not yet been taken advantage of by other operators. Many of them cover some of the former Monarch's key markets, which means there's an opportunity for newcomers like us to step up and satisfy demand," added the president of Monarch Airlines.

The Spanish newspaper HostelTur says that Monarch Airlines is currently trying to establish a tax domicile at Luton Airport, in London, United Kingdom, where the airline's headquarters were located before bankruptcy in 2017.