The Portuguese capital occupies the fourth place in a list that is led by Malaga.

The data refers to the first half of the year and "demonstrate that the Iberian Peninsula continues to attract national and international hotel operators".

According to the study, "Malaga's urban hotel market is the most attractive on the Iberian Peninsula (4.3 out of 5), followed by Madrid (4.2), Barcelona (4) and Lisbon (3.9)".

"The two cities that grew the most in terms of attractiveness for operators, compared to last year, were Andorra and San Sebastián, both up 7%. Although San Sebastián's total (3.7) is considerably higher than Andorra's (2,5)", it can be read.

For the preparation of this report, 42 directors of hotel companies representing more than 1,100 hotels in the Iberian Peninsula were interviewed.