“In August 2023, 285,023 passengers disembarked at Azores airports, registering a positive variation of 9.7% compared to the same month of the previous year”, reads a publication on air transport, available on the SREA website.

The number of landings by air registered in the region in August is the highest in that month, surpassing the value from 2022 (259,916), which had already broken the record from 2019 (220,376), according to data available on the SREA page, since 1986​​​​​.

Passengers on international flights increased by 20.5% compared to the same period last year, with a total of 43,391 arrivals.

According to SREA, all islands in the archipelago showed positive monthly year-on-year variations in passenger arrivals in August, even though Graciosa had a growth of 0.1%, with only four more passengers than in August 2022.

São Miguel was the island that recorded the biggest increase (12.1%), followed by Santa Maria (9.4%), Flores (9.3%) and Pico (8.7%).

Corvo saw growth of 7.4%, São Jorge of 7%, Terceira of 6.7% and Faial of 5.1%.