The Casais group, a Braga company created in 1958 and working in Gibraltar for almost two decades, has completed the first phase of construction of the Hassan Centenary Terraces (HCT), a project that integrates the tallest building in Gibraltar. It is a project with six towers – the first phase of construction includes three, now completed –, one of which (block four) is 110 meters high and has 35 floors, which gives it the status of the tallest building in Gibraltar.

This is a project integrated into the Affordable Housing Scheme program of the Government of Gibraltar that respects two fundamental pillars, construction at controlled costs and ESG criteria, says the Casais Group, in a statement.

The Casais Group has already developed several real estate projects in Gibraltar, namely in the residential segment, in the rehabilitation of buildings and in the construction of teaching buildings and industrial buildings.

This project “demonstrates the Government's substantial and unprecedented investment for the benefit of the Gibraltar community, especially for the younger generations and families who depend on this type of housing and who have been neglected for so many years by the GSD Government. I know that this process was extremely successful and that the new owners are eager to move into their new homes”, comments Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of the Government of Gibraltar.

According to the Casais Group, Gibraltar has a high demand for housing, but its small size translates into a limited availability of land for construction, which makes real estate costs more expensive.

Quoted in the note, António Carlos Rodrigues, CEO of the Casais Group, states that “innovative projects such as HCT, which benefits from modern and faster construction systems, are fully aligned with the strategy of Casais Gibraltar Limited”.