However, experience shows us that in many situations it is often difficult to enforce these rights. That's why DECO provides a guide on how to act in these cases and takes a stand on what should be changed.

The problems that passengers are facing today are different from those of around 20 years ago when the legal framework for passenger protection was established, but the main problem is the application and interpretation of certain rules. DECO has therefore called for an amendment to the 2004 European Parliament regulation establishing common rules for compensation and assistance to air passengers in such situations.

DECO believes that there are rules that should be clarified, making it easier to apply rules that sometimes bring passengers and airlines into conflict and it is necessary to provide for situations that are currently not defined. However, it is important that the changes do not mean a reduction in rights.

On the other hand, DECO advocates that, as with package travel, a mechanism is established to protect passengers in the event of the airline’s insolvency.

In the meantime, and until the rules are changed, find out what you can count on and what you should do immediately if you run into problems with the airline, such as cancellations, delays, or lost luggage, among other common situations.


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Paula Martins