Obviously, we need money to live and let’s face it times are difficult at the moment for many of us, but I feel that we question we need to ask ourselves is, ‘We need money to live, but do we live for money?’.

Contrary to the song Liza Minnelli sang in the musical, ‘Cabaret, I believe that money does not actually make the world go round- energy does. If we had all the riches in the world, but we had no spark or impetus life to go out there and interact with people, make connections, create magic, and grow ideas, would the world be as vibrant a place as it is now? Without energy, in particular love, we would be existing as shadows of ourselves.

If we don’t take time away from the hamster wheel of life, we will crash and burn. Our energy becomes depleted- both our physical and emotional energy.

Our soul, our essence of being has an energy, and by filling every waking moment of our being with tasks, or lists of things we need to achieve, we’re stifling the opportunity to discover who we’re meant to be. There’s no law that says you must be productive every second of every day.

But if we start giving ourselves breathing space and realise that it’s OK to just BE and not do. That’s when the magic will happen.

How to Be

  • Switch off your phone or place it in another room
  • Sit or lie down somewhere comfortable. Put your feet on the ground. Close your eyes.
  • Start breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Allow your heart to settle.
  • Feel your body start to sink towards the earth.
  • As you relax, mentally scan your body from your head to your toes and feel your body soften
  • Remove the focus from your breath and JUST BE.

While you’re in this space, it’s good to remember that you’re not doing nothing, you’re doing the important task of allowing yourself space and time to begin to align yourself to your soul’s purpose, your dreams and wishes. On a physical level your cells are being cleansed by your healing breath and your body is being given a chance to reconnect with itself and get back into balance.

Crystals to ‘just be’


This crystal is wonderful and relaxing. It allows you to reconnect with yourself and connect with your higher self, so you can really feel into who you are.


Known as the stone for clarity, calcite helps you to remove stagnant energy and receive inner peace. My favourite is pink calcite, but all calcite has great energy.

Affirmation: ‘I give myself permission to switch off and ‘just be’.

Sending you love,

Sally xxx


Sally saw Angels as a child and could occasionally see and feel people who had passed over. This ability grew as she got older and she now gives readings, as well as channelling Ascended Masters. She often works with Mary Magdalene and channels information from Lord Kuthumi. She is available for readings and spiritual development sessions both online and in person (heaven2heart). 

Sally Hinchcliffe