On the centenary of Teixeira Gomes´ assumption of the Presidency, Peter will present his talk on Manuel Teixeira Gomes, an Algarvian of significant interest during the First Republic here in Portugal. A strong-minded child, Manuel was sent early to a seminary, and matriculated at the University of Coimbra at the age of 15.

His bohemian life was interrupted by the need to earn a living, and later by the political needs of his friends in the new republic. This talk will cover the whole of Teixeira Gomes´ life, and will discuss his influence on the development of the military coup and the eventual rise of Salazar and the authoritarian Second Republic. Peter will present this talk on Tuesday 26 September at 18:00 in the Municipal Library in Lagoa; and on Friday 29 September at 11:00 in the Municipal Library in Tavira.

Our first concert this autumn features pianist Vasco Dantas from Porto. Vasco has played for us twice before, and returns to open our season, but this time with soprano Inês Simões. They plan one half of the concert for accompanied singing, and the other half for a piano recital. Vasco will present pieces by Fanny Hensel and after the interval, Inês will present songs by Robert Schumann and Richard Wagner. In having two distinct halves, this concert promises something a little different for our regular members. (Ps Before she married, Fanny Hensel´s surname was Mendelssohn – she was Felix´s older sister.) The concert will take place at Quintinha da Música on Sunday 1st October at 17.00, and as usual, tickets at €25 are available from Peter at peterbooker1347@gmail.com.