“This project now launched by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism, Mobility and Infrastructure, through Portos dos Açores, S.A. is the largest maritime-port project ever carried out in the Autonomous Region of the Azores and will allow docking capacity to be tripled, guaranteeing new and better conditions of operability and a substantial increase in the response capacity of the entire port infrastructure”, said the Regional Government (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM) in a statement published on its website.

According to the note, “either due to its size, the purpose for which it is intended, or the natural conditions to which it is exposed, this work is of extremely high technical complexity, involving an immense effort to ensure the due adequacy of the engineering solutions designed for sustain the port infrastructure in the long term, taking into account the climate changes that are already being felt and that are projected in the future”.

“With the new port, the supply of goods and the full restoration of normal port operations will be ensured, including freight traffic, passenger transport and other activities fundamental to the socioeconomic development of the island of Flores”, assures the executive.