Data from this body that monitors police activity, indicates that the PSP is the security force with the highest number of complaints, having received 538 reports against the actions of Public Security Police agents in the IGAI in 2021, followed by the Republican National Guard (GNR), with 427, and the Foreigners and Borders Service, with 233.

IGAI states that in 2022 it received 1,436 complaints against the actions of members of the security forces, the highest number in the last six years and an increase of 22.3% compared to 2021.

“Since 2017, the number of administrative processes originating from complaints/reports to IGAI has been increasing annually and, comparing data from 2022 (1,436) with data from 2021 (1,174), there is a significant increase in the order of 22.32%”, highlights the body led by judge Anabela Cabral Ferreira.

In 2017, 772 complaints reached IGAI, which rose to 860 in 2018, increasing again the following year to 950 complaints, and in 2020 they registered a new increase totalling 1,073.

The majority of complaints that reached IGAI in 2022 were complaints filed by citizens, totalling 639, with 315 reports from judicial entities, 290 from private entities and 69 from the Directorate-General for Reinsertion and Prison Services.

According to IGAI, almost half of the complaints (48%) against the actions of security forces were related to violations of duties of conduct (incorrect procedures or behaviour), with a total of 690 complaints filed, 254 of which were directed at elements of the PSP, 199 to GNR military personnel and 191 to SEF inspectors.

Offenses to physical integrity were the second most common type of complaint filed in 2022, corresponding to 14.3% of total reports against police actions, followed by matters of an internal or professional nature, with 95 complaints.

IGAI also received 14 complaints last year related to discriminatory practices, 11 of which were against the PSP.